Nurturing resilience from cradle to adulthood

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Care4Minds presents an accessible and informative website that highlights the initiative's expertise and services. The platform focuses on resilience and stress management, starting in early childhood through adulthood, offering support to both individuals and families. The international team, with professionals based in Australia and the Netherlands, works together to make scientific knowledge practically applicable.

SircleCreative helped Care4Minds with the entire online repositioning setup in 2023. We have renewed the entire visual identity with 5 different styles. The core of the organization is Care4Minds, which includes 4 seperate departments. Following this unique brand creation, a bilingual website was created accompannied by various visual content.

Project Scope



Care4Minds’ visual identity reflects its commitment to mental resilience and support. The logo, an interplay of care and insight, and the color palette, inspired by the healing moments of sunrise and sunset, invite growth, mental peace and recovery. Unique color themes have been chosen for the various departments for clear distinction.

With a clear and accessible font, Care4Minds’ branding radiates the core of what they are: a beacon of peace, care and connection.

Care4Minds Mockup


Care4Minds offers a range of services on their clear website aimed at promoting mental resilience from childhood to adulthood. The internationally oriented team of experienced professionals integrates scientific knowledge into practical tools and programs for individuals and families. They strive to stimulate curiosity and awareness, enable reconnection, and create experiential space for clients. The site invites visitors to learn more about their unique approach to psychological support and training.

View the website here.