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At SircleBoost we are more than a service; we are your partner in growth. From engaging videos to smart SEO, we make sure you are seen and heard.

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Creative videos and photography

SEO focused blog content

Effective campaigns

Smart social media strategies

Continuous SEO optimization

Membership packages


SEO keyword research
SEO research for 1 keyword
Video content
1 video per month (maximum 45 seconds) - focused on 1 SEO keyword
1 SEO-optimized blog post, based on the keyword research
E-mail marketing
1 SEO-optimized blog post, based on the keyword research
Social media marketing
Social media support (excluding responding to comments)
SEO optimizations
Content marketing, extra SEO pages & current pages SEO optimizations


SEO keyword research
Extensive research for two blog posts per month, focused on 2 specific keywords.
Video content + bonus stills
2 videos per month (maximum 60 seconds) - focused on 2 SEO keywords
2 SEO optimized blog posts, tailored to researched keywords.
E-mail marketing
Extensive email marketing campaigns focused on the new SEO content 
Social media marketing
Social media support (excluding responding to comments)
SEO optimizations
Content marketing, extra SEO pages & current pages SEO optimizations

Boost Plus

SEO keyword research
Advanced keyword research for weekly blog posts.
Video content + bonus stills
4 videos per month (maximum 60 seconds) - focused on 4 SEO keywords.
Weekly SEO optimized blog posts, fully focused on 4 selected keywords.
E-mail marketing
Complete email marketing strategy with regular campaigns and in-depth analyses.
Social media marketing
Complete social media management and data analyzes for further optimization
SEO optimizations
Content marketing, additional SEO pages & current pages SEO optimizations

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Do you not immediately find your match in our standard packages? We are here to create a tailor-made solution together with you.

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The contact was pleasant from the start. There was good thinking, critical questions were asked, concrete agreements were made, but there was also flexibility if things went differently. Sebas is always positive, which is nice to work with. SircleCreative has created a beautiful website including logo and branding for Care4Minds. Very professional. And with humor, that's nice too.
Sasja Duijff
We have been working with SircleCreative for almost a year now. It is inspiring and a joy to work with a company so professional, dedicated and enthusiastic. No detail is left out, exactly as no problem is left unattended shortly and with results always. They truly show that they value their customers and it seems as though "no, can't or won't" are absent in their work ethic. Cannot recommend enough.
Sebastian Rafiroiu
First of all, the cooperation and communication is very pleasant, fast and effective. This combined with great expertise and creativity ensures that the results delivered are of high quality. SircleCreative has developed various communication tools (animations, mini-documentaries and videos) for us.
Kirsten Wolfert
SAD Wassenaar (Gemeente Wassenaar)
SircleCreative helped us make animated videos for children and parents about a stem cell transplant. The animations look professional! The collaboration with Sebas went excellently. We are very satisfied, thank you!
Trude Minnee-Guijt
Circle of creativity in web management. SircleCreative has completely revamped my website and is an indispensable help with web management. Creative, dynamic, flexible, nice to work with.
Roel Janssen
Journalist, schrijver
Sebas worked enthusiastically, creatively and with great pleasure on the start-up of De Zelfspot. He is at home in many markets. His video material and web design skills are fantastic. Keep it up Sebas!
Rens Vernij
De Zelfspot
SircleCreative has made a video for one of our innovative aerosol products. Sebastiaan built a professional studio with lights, smoke and other special effects. Sebastiaan works professionally, has an eye for detail and a passion for filming. The end result was therefore really great. Sebastiaan is enthusiastic, positive, attentive and fun to work with. Recommended!
Diede Klever
Pronova Laboratories
Made a super good trailer for my book! Really pretty! And very pleasant to work with!
Charles den Tex
SircleCreative made a professional corporate video for us. Good at all forms of creating high-quality content.
Casper Landeweerd
Eliza Vastgoed
Sebas has helped the Outdoor Therapy Foundation enormously with his company SircleCreative. The professionalism was immediately high, making the website and marketing immediately easy to find and attractive. He also distinguishes himself in his personality; he is extremely enthusiastic, motivating and creative. He inspires and takes other companies to a higher level.
Manouk Vernij
Outdoor Therapie
I had a number of technical issues that I encountered with my website. After contacting Sebas I was helped out. He answered my questions quickly and professionally and if anything arises again I can ask him for help. I think that's a nice idea. He also helped me with a number of things for my website that would have taken me a few days to figure out on my own. Now it was fixed in no time. Very satisfied with it.
Vivian Meijer
Positiv Eating

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is SircleBoost?

    SircleBoost is our unique service that helps businesses grow through a range of digital marketing solutions. We offer everything from content production to SEO and social media

  • What types of membership packages does SircleBoost offer?

    We offer three packages: Lite, Boost, Boost Plus. Each package is designed to meet different needs and budgets, with varying levels of support and services.

  • How can SircleBoost help my business grow?

    Through our specialized services such as SEO, content creation and social media management, we help you increase online visibility, reach your target group more effectively and ultimately increase your sales and customer engagement.

  • Can I customize my package to my specific needs?

    Absolute! We understand that every company is unique. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs so we can put together a tailor-made package. My specific needs?

  • How does SircleBoost measure the results of the campaigns?

    We use advanced analytics tools to track the performance of your campaigns. You will receive regular reports with detailed insights and recommendations for further optimization.

  • How long does it take to see results from SircleBoost services?

    Digital marketing is a long-term process. While some tactics can produce results faster, such as paid advertising, SEO and content marketing can take several months to produce significant results.

  • What if I'm not happy with the results?

    We strive for complete customer satisfaction. If you are not satisfied, let’s look together at adjustments or alternative strategies to ensure that your goals are achieved.

  • What is the minimum purchase time for a SircleBoost membership?

    Our SircleBoost memberships have a minimum purchase period of three months. We believe this is the time needed to see significant changes and improvements in your digital marketing efforts.

  • How does the cancellation policy work at SircleBoost?

    You can cancel your SircleBoost membership at any time with one month’s notice. We want to remain flexible for our customers, but at the same time have enough time to effectively complete the ongoing campaigns and strategies.