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Once your website is live, it is not only important to protect it from malware and hacks that can take the site offline and affect its search engine rankings, but it is also important to keep the tools on the site up to date to ensure that the site works quickly and efficiently. Our hosting & website maintenance plan: 'SircleCare' will help protect your website, which is a smart and valuable investment in your business.

What is included ?

Cloud hosting

Hosting is the basis of your website. Security, performance, optimization and ease of use all depend on it. SircleCreative offers premium hosting for all our customers, so that you are completely unburdened.

Website back-ups

Consistently backing up your website is crucial for many reasons. Most importantly, if the site needs to be restored, transferred or downloaded, we offer remote backups and restore points.


Just like a phone needs software updates, your website needs to be updated too. Outdated plugins and website software are the leading cause of website hacks. Updates often include security improvements that prevent sites from being exploited.

Monitoring & security

Website monitoring discovers your site's performance issues. We have special tools that monitor website traffic and activity, protect against possible hacks, and monitor “uptime” to ensure the site is running properly.

Website optimization

Websites must load quickly and perform well. To ensure speed, everything in the website – files, database and media – must be optimized. Using our tools we keep the site optimized and running smoothly, along with clearing out all caching files.

Premium software

SircleCare has the additional advantage that you can benefit from all kinds of paid software solutions. Such as: DIVI, Bricks, WP Rocket, Zapier, Gravity Forms, Fathom, WPML, Bit Integrations and also many audio visual solutions such as: Artlist, Epidemic & Audiio.

Strategy sessions

With more than 15 years of commercial experience, we know what is going on within a company. SircleCreative can provide support with regard to strategy, new ideas and we think about best practices, which can then be implemented on the site.

Analytics & reporting

You don't have to try to determine what's going on with your site. We provide this with extensive reporting. Every month you will receive an automatically generated report with all website statistics. You will receive a quarterly report with strategic advice.

Prevent problems and let experts take care of you completely

What is the risk?

Website hack
If your website is not maintained and secured, it is not a matter of “if” but “when” a hack will occur.
Poor performance
If your website isn't optimized, it will perform and load slower over time, impacting conversions and sales.
No back-ups
If the website is not consistently backed up, you may completely lose the content and progress of the website if a breach occurs.
SEO implications
If the website is not maintained and optimized, Google will also see this and you will automatically drop in the ranking.
If your website has glaring issues, such as an SSL certificate that is no longer active or reports of an unsecured connection, it will impact traffic, SEO, and brand legitimacy.
"It's all on you"
By not having your website taken care of monthly, everything we cover in our plan is at your own expense and costs you unnecessary time and stress.

We have the solution!


€39,95 p/m
Domain name registration
Basic hosting
Basic software
Monthly back-ups
Monthly updates
Basic security
Monthly statistics
Premium spam filter
Uptime monitor (24/7)
1 uur support p/m
Quarterly report with strategic advice


€69,95 p/m
Domain name registration
Premium hosting
Premium software
Daily back-ups
Daily updates
Premium security
Premium spam filter
Uptime monitor (24/7)
1 uur support p/m
Monthly website statistics
Quarterly report with strategic advice


€149,95 p/m
Domain name registration
Super fast hosting (Ecommerce)
Premium software
Daily back-ups
Daily updates
Premium beveilging
Premium spam filter
Uptime monitor (24/7)
2 uur support p/m
Monthly website statistics
Quarterly report with strategic advice
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I choose SircleCare?

    At SircleCare we work together with Hostinger, one of the fastest and most reliable hosting providers of the moment. It has been specially developed for WordPress and we take care of the entire technical process. The best plugins such as Bricks, DIVI, Divi Pixel, Zapier, Bit Integrations, Gravity Forms, WPML Translations, The Events Calendar & Fathom Analytics etc. are all included in the membership. Separately this costs around 1500 euros per year.

    In addition, SircleCreative ensures constant updates of all online tools, such as plug-ins and themes. The site is constantly secured and we keep all possible hackers or spammers out. Not updating the site creates the greatest vulnerability to hacking. Furthermore, with a membership at SircleCare you receive 1 hour of free support per month (worth 95 euros per month).

  • I already have a hosting provider myself, can't I just stay where I am?

    Het is zeker mogelijk om te blijven, echter kan SircleCreative dan niet de beste snelheid en veiligheid garanderen voor de nieuwe website.

    Bij het bouwen van de nieuwe website zorgt SircleCreative voor een soepele en snelle IT verhuizing. Hiervoor hoef je niks te doen.

  • What happens if I don't choose SircleCare?

    If you don’t choose SircleCare, a lot can go wrong. Read some important examples below:

    – The website is not updated, which can lead to a slower website, failing plug-ins and ultimately a decrease in findability on Google.

    – The website has many installed components that quickly become outdated, such as plug-ins, themes, etc. If these are not updated on time, the website quickly becomes more vulnerable to hackers. This is the #1 reason websites get hacked.

    – There are no backups or restores when the website is hacked. There is a risk that you will lose all content, pages, the entire site structure and the Google ranking. You will also not receive a quarterly report of, among other things, Google statistics.

    – You do not have a fixed point of contact for all website-related matters regarding adjustments, updates and/or other problems. For this you have to contact your host, who are often only available in English via email or chat these days. This can be a very frustrating process.

  • Are there any costs associated with setting up SircleCare?

    There are no costs associated with setting up SircleCare. This is completely free of charge.

  • If I do not use the support time. Can I carry that over to the next month?

    No that is not possible. The time is limited per month and will therefore expire if it is not used.

  • What happens if I exceed the included support time?

    We always try to perform the updates as quickly as possible to save further costs. If more hours are required for the work, consultation will first take place and a budget will be drawn up of the estimated hours with an hourly rate of 95 euros.

  • Our website was built elsewhere, can we still choose SircleCare?

    Yes, it is certainly possible to only take out our hosting & maintenance program. To do this, we must check carefully that the site is built on Wordpress and which software is installed.

    Certain warranties involving technical issues that fall outside our scope may be excluded from this. This varies per situation and we will let you know clearly in advance. Please contact us for more information.

  • Do you also offer email services?

    Email is not our core business, but we can certainly facilitate it. We work together with our partner Titan Mail who have developed a very powerful email system.

    Contact us and ask about the options, because this is exclusively for our SircleCare customers.