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The power of animation

At SircleCreative we specialize in creating engaging and immersive animations. Our team of graphic designers and animators are passionate about creating visually dynamic animations that tell a short story. We handle every aspect of the animation process with creativity and attention to detail.

2D animation

2D animation involves creating hand-drawn or computer-generated images and then displaying them in rapid succession to create the illusion of movement. 2D animation is often used for traditional animation, such as cartoons or anime.

3D animation

3D animation involves creating three-dimensional models or characters and then animating them using computer software. 3D animation is often used for more realistic or realistic-looking projects, such as feature films or video games.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is a form of digital animation in which graphic elements such as text and shapes come to life. It is perfect for presenting ideas clearly and attractively. You can also think of graphic elements that move, such as a logo.

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Why SircleCreative?

We deliver unique animations that match your wishes
We come up with creative and innovative ideas that allow our customers to distinguish themselves.
We are able to complete the projects in a short time frame.
Together we develop tailor-made solutions that meet your needs.
We offer competitive prices and a high return on investment, giving the animations a sustainable value.
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This is how we work

Pre-Production planning

During this phase, the project manager develops the concept and story for the animation, a script and storyboard are created and the characters and environment are sketched.



During the production phase, the animator creates the actual animation, drawing the images by hand or computer-generating them, recording dialogue or sound effects, and creating any special effects.



In the post-production phase, the animator will edit and polish the animation, and add music, sound effects and any voice-overs. The animator can also create additional effects for more dynamics and playfulness.



Once the animation and the discussed feedback rounds are completed, the project manager delivers the final product to the customer and, if necessary, supervises the distribution.


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