Outdoor Therapie


Outdoor Therapie
Branding, Photo, Web
An outdoor therapy program aimed at the growth and development of the mental health of young people. Outdoor Therapy specializes in the psychological problems below and offers various forms of treatment, tailored to your living environment (family/relationships).

Since its founding in 2021, SircleCreative has developed the brand identity and visual content for Outdoor Therapy, linked to a user-friendly website that reflects the unique combination of outdoor activities and specialized therapeutic guidance.

Project Scope

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The branding for Outdoor Therapy reflects a fresh and inspiring view on the power of nature. With a color palette that evokes the earth tones of the mountain landscape and a bright font that radiates accessibility and modernity, it appeals to the adventurous and young spirit.

The logo, a combination of natural elements and the name, reinforces the message of personal development in harmony with the environment. Together, these elements form a coherent visual identity that powerfully communicates the core values ​​of Outdoor Therapy — connection, growth and nature.



The Outdoor Therapy website offers a serene and inviting experience that takes visitors on a journey of personal growth in the outdoors. With a bright and natural color scheme, the design reflects the essence of their therapy offering, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), systems therapy and EMDR. The site emphasizes the importance of nature and exercise for mental health and invites action with clear call-to-action buttons for more information or to register. The mobile-friendly design ensures that the healing message of Outdoor Therapy is always within reach.

View the website here.