From cycling enthusiast
For cycling enthusiasts

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Passion for Cycling, Dedication and Quality. 

HiBikeCenter was born from passion. Founded by Henny, an avid cyclist with more than 30 years of experience. We understand what cyclists are looking for in their bicycle and offer a selection of mid-high segment bicycles, combined with personal guidance.

SircleCreative helped the HiBikeCenter build a new website in 2023. We organized an extensive photo shoot at the old Soesterberg airport for the website. These photos have formed a nice basis for the visual identity of the website.

Project Scope

HiBikeCenter Branding


With Henny’s 30 years of experience as a cyclist, we wanted to create a brand that reflects this expertise. We chose a powerful color palette that radiates energy and movement, combined with a modern and readable font that emphasizes the accessibility of the brand. “From Cycling Lovers, For Cycling Lovers” has become the mantra, weaving our shared passion for cycling into every aspect of our design.

HiBikeCenter Webdesign


An oasis for cycling enthusiasts, the HiBikeCenter website offers an intuitive and inviting interface that focuses on the love of cycling. Users can effortlessly navigate through a selection of high-quality road bikes, gravel bikes and MTBs, supported by expert advice and personal service. With a focus on user-friendliness and accessibility, the website is optimized for all devices, allowing the passion for cycling to be shared anywhere, anytime.

View the website here.